Slang Programming Language

Slang is a programming language I’m working on. It is statically typed and has a vaguely Scala-like syntax with some more support for math notation.

Slang compiles to LLVM IR and to native code through that. It will be able to link to C libraries and have good support for OpenGL and game programming.

This is my first programming language and compiler, so it is very much a learning process — don’t expect to be using this in production any time soon. If you’re interested in my progress, I’ve written some blog posts about it* (listed in chronological order):


* Slang used to be named Klang, but then I realized it sounded exactly like Clang, the LLVM C-family compiler. So now it sounds like S-lang instead.

One thought on “Slang Programming Language

  1. The name is going to be a problem if you want this to be anything more than your own personal learning experience. The S-Lang scripting language and Goldman Sach’s proprietary Slang are going to compete any time somebody is looking for your language in a web search or on a github-style repository.

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