JRebel 3.6 for Eclipse Released

Today we (ZeroTurnaround) released version 3.6 of JRebel, our productivity tool for Java developers that eliminates many redeploys and restarts. Along with the core JRebel release, we made a major update to JRebel for Eclipse. With this release, we hopefully made getting started with and using JRebel for Eclipse super-easy, although I’m sure there are still things we can improve in the future.

There were quite a few things we did to make setting up JRebel for Eclipse easier. First, the plug-in is now available from the Eclipse Marketplace, making finding the plug-in and the installation process easier. Second, there is now a new plug-in that embeds JRebel itself — meaning that you will not have to install it separately, the Marketplace install contains everything you need. Third, with this release we also started signing our Eclipse plug-ins, eliminating one more step from the install process.

We also made other improvements to our Eclipse integration, including

  • improvements to the debugger integration — stepping should now perform exactly as you expect
  • support for more launch configurations (WTP server editor sections and JRebel tabs for launch configurations), including OSGi and Virgo launch configurations
  • small UI improvements, making it easier to find logs, change JRebel’s settings, see licensing information and redeploy statistics
  • numerous other small improvements

If you are not already using JRebel, we offer evaluation licenses to JRebel for Eclipse users and free licenses to open source and Scala developers. But be warned: once you give it a try, you’ll never look back!