Eclipse finally defaults to UTF-8? In my dreams

Do my eyes deceive me? How the hell did this happen:

Eclipse defaults to UTF-8?

Eclipse defaults to UTF-8?

This happens in an Eclipse Galileo milestone (3.5M6), I can’t remember which exact package I downloaded, because I required some unusual combination of plug-ins.

If it was truly the case that UTF-8 is now the default, it would be awesome, because often programmers forget to change the default setting when creating a new workspace and end up committing something in an encoding specific to their machine. Which is guaranteed to cause pain at some point.

Unfortunately I think this is probably just a bug, because I downloaded another 3.5M6 package and it still defaulted to my region-and-operating-system-specific encoding. And even if I create a new workspace with this instance of Eclipse, it will also default to the other encoding. I wonder what exactly could have caused this instance to default to UTF-8 for a particular workspace…

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