The Improved Scala Eclipse Plugin

For the last few days I’ve been working on an Eclipse plug-in using a combination of mixed Java/Scala projects. That is, the same source folder contains both Java and Scala files. I think it’s awesome that this is finally working! At least I wasn’t aware if it was working before. There are still bugs in the Scala Plug-in for Eclipse, but the integration with JDT is now a lot better than before, thanks in part to Equinox Aspects as I understand. You can get the 2.8.x branch of the Scala plug-in, which contains the improvements, from the nightly builds update site.

Also, I noticed a curiosity: I wrote the most complex parts of the mixed projects in Scala, but I mostly created bugs in the comparatively trivial Java code. The Scala code ended up almost bug free from the start, even with hours and hours of coding without actually running the code. Is it really harder to create bugs in Scala? I’d like to think so.

7 thoughts on “The Improved Scala Eclipse Plugin

  1. Thanks,

    Got it.
    Unusual to find ‘eclipse-plugin’ update sites that are in-accessable to casual browsing.


  2. Thanks for the great effort with the plugin!

    Minor issue: Project compile/clean for a newly created scala project.
    My new scala project didn’t appear in the list of projects to compile/clean.
    So I created a new Java project and added the scala nature to it and now I can compile/run fine :-)


  3. No need to thank me — I am not involved in any way with the development of the Scala Plugin for Eclipse. I was just letting people who don’t read the scala-tools mailing lists know that there’s a new improved version (if they are willing to work with nightly builds). :)

  4. See the previous comments, this is an Eclipse update site, just paste the link into Eclipse’s updater (it’s not supposed to work when viewed in a browser).
    But by now you might want to go with an official release instead of the nightly builds — some of these improvements made it into Scala 2.7.4. See the announcement here:

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